• website-design

  • Website design is no longer about profiles; they do more than that. You need to have a responsive website that is dynamic and is compatible with the latest browsers and gadgets.

    Mobile technologies now determine how content should be design for mobile users. Your website should accommodate both computers, tablets, and smartphones. Contact us for a free consultation and website audit.

  • Website Design is about planning and understanding your business

    No one should build your website without understanding the dynamics of your business and your objectives for it. Without this process, there is a good chance you are wasting your time and money. At Brandactiv8 our procedures and processes are ruthless in ensuring your website is built to meet your business objectives.

    Not only do we enjoy the work that we do, we also enjoy the people we do it with. Our open atmosphere allows us to exchange and improve ideas with colleagues, smile a bit more at work, and produce things for clients that just feel special.

  • Our Website Design Process

    Our process is in many cases an education to our clients and often gets them thinking on another level about their business. Before we design anything we understand the below elements of our clients business.

      • Business Vision & Objectives
      • Planning & Objective setting for websites.
      • Pre Design Research
      • Website structure best practice
      • Design structure best practice
      • Communication strategy
      • How to market your website post launch
      • How to manage it post launch.


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